Report Game Scores

We are happy to be using GotSoccer to help manage our game-day operations and are working hard behind the scenes on all scheduling and operational processes to ensure a successful season for your players, teams, and clubs.  To provide a consistent experience, we will require player rosters to be in the GotSoccer system.  These rosters won't show publicly but will show on the official game card for referees.  They will also be used for tracking yellow/red cards during league play. 

As you can imagine, there needs to be a database of rosters connected to the schedules to manage all of these processes effectively.  This page will give you instructions on how to prepare for the upcoming game and how to report the game once it is completed.

Logging into the gotsoccer system help:

Forgotten password link:

*If you coach/manage multiple teams, each team will have their own username/password.  If you run into problems with logging in or accessing your other teams, please contact your club registrar to help sort it out.

Coach/Manager Responsibilities Before Each Match

  • Add your team roster into GotSoccer.  This should be done before the season. Once logged in, you can add players to your team by clicking on “Roster” in the grey menu bar.  Then click “Register New Player” and add the player’s information:  first name, last name, gender, and DOB are all required.  GotSoccer never shares, sells, or leases any data to third parties.  Their privacy policy can be found here.  Added resources on how to add players to your roster can be found here.  This is for your players that are full time rostered players.
  • Club passing players to your game day roster instructions can be found here.  Hand written will still be permitted at this time as long as the player has a valid US Club Player Pass.
  • Print off game cards. Each game will have its own card, and it will become available six days before your scheduled game.
  • Here is the link to a short video on how to download your game card:
  • Ensure that each player on your game card has an official US Club Soccer Player Pass present at check in.
  • Hand the referee your game card so that they can enter the scores and misconduct.

Referee Responsibilities

  • Collect game cards and enter any misconduct if applicable (red/yellow cards).

Reporting Scores/Misconduct

  • Home Team reports the score
  • The easiest way to do this is by using your smartphone to scan the QR code on the top right corner of the game card.  Most smartphones have a built in QR reader in the camera now.  Once you scan the QR code, the game will appear.  Click on the box for home or away score to enter scores, then click on the red/yellow card box if you need to enter a card.  You may select a player from the drop down list, or select “Other” if they do not appear, and type in their name.

  • If you do not have a QR code reader, you can simply use the website link found on the game card, which takes you to the same place. You will then need the event ID#, PIN, and game number which can all be found on the card.  If the QR code reader does not work for you, this help article will show you how to use the link.
  • Scores can be reported by phone.
    • Phone number:  904-758-0875
    • Press 1 to enter Southeastern Club Champions League scores when prompted
    • The league event for this season is:  80548 then press #
    • The pin number is:  0604 then press #
    • Enter the game number and press #
    • You will be prompted to enter either:
      • Number 1 to update score
        • You will be prompted to enter the HOME SCORE then press #
        • You will be prompted to enter the AWAY SCORE then press #
        • To save you press number 1 or to cancel press number 2
        • You can enter the Southeastern Club Champions League score for another game by pressing number
      • Number 2 to update yellow cards
      • Number 3 to update red cards

Added Resource: Chat Tool

Teams can use the chat tool to communicate about potential game changes.  This way, if there is a dispute between teams/clubs, we can view/read/interject into the chats if necessary to help facilitate the process.  Click here to watch a video on how to use the Chat tool.