SCCL Misconduct Information

Player Misconduct

Player Red Card Suspensions:

An automatic one-game suspension will be assessed for all infractions, with the following exceptions:

  • Violent Conduct will have a 2-game suspension (with the possibility of more)
  • Racially offensive language directed toward an opponent will have a 2-game suspension (with the possibility of more)
  • Spitting at or on an opponent will have a 2-game assessment
  • Allegation of referee assault results in an immediate ban from all USSF soccer activities.  This includes practice and game participation, until a hearing is scheduled and conducted and findings of the hearing shared with the team.

Suspensions are served in the following manner:

    • Player IS NOT permitted at the game in any fashion while serving a suspension.
    • Player is not eligible for club pass until the suspension is served. 
    • A red card earned as a club pass player requires the suspension be served with the player’s team of record.

    Red Card Accumulations for Individual Players:

      • Red Card #1:  1-game suspension (minimum) 
      • Red Card #2:  An additional one-game suspension added.
      • Red Card #3:  A ban for the remainder of the seasonal year. 

      Yellow Card Accumulations:

      • After the fifth yellow card in a season,  a player is suspended for one game.
      • Three additional yellow cards will result in a two-game suspension.

      Coach Misconduct

      • Should a coach be ejected from a game (shown a red card), the coach is required to immediately leave the premises (must leave sight and sound of the field).  
      • The coach may coach other games on the day of his/her ejection.
      • The coach will then be suspended from ALL games for the first played game day following the ejection. The coach is not permitted to attend or observe any games during this suspension.
        • Note:  This is a game day suspension.
      • The coach and league will be apprised if the suspension is for greater than one game day.
      • A second red card will be automatically assessed with a two-game suspension for all teams, starting the day after the ejection. 
      • Any coach who is ejected three times (accumulation from all teams) in a seasonal year is immediately banned from all participation in the SCCL for the remainder of the seasonal year. 

      Game Forfeiture

      A $250 fine and a loss recorded as 4-0 will be assessed for any game forfeiture.  This fine will be charged against the club’s SCCL Bond.


      Game protests must be submitted by Tuesday at 5:00 pm following the game.  A payment of $100 must be received by the SCCL prior to consideration of the protest.  If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be refunded.  Protests should be submitted to and checks sent to:

      Southeastern Clubs Champions League
      860 Johnson Ferry Rd
      Suite 140-166
      Atlanta, GA 30342.